1955/1956 Kingston School of Art Prospectus

1955/1956 Kingston School of Art Prospectus

Prospectuses give us a comprehensive list of staff employed by the art school at this time. The image shows the 1954/55 prospectus, but the list below is from 55/56. After the Second World War finished, the size of the staff employed by the art school expanded considerably, as this list proves. Some are well documented in ArchiveKSA, others less so – if you have additional information or artefacts relating to any of these figures, please do get in touch.


Head of School – Eric Brown

Studio Instructors – Noel Moffett, P. Gordon Miller, Victor Smith, W. Cutting, E.H.W. Priefert, Hal Cassius Higgins, Zygmunt Scrobanski, B. Winkler.

Professional Practice – R.L. Thorpe

Statics – N.E. Hough, W.H. Willats


Fine Art

Head of School – Wilfred Fairclough

Figure Composition – Alfred Heyworth

General Drawing – Reginald E. Hanson, J.E. Mapp

Life Drawing – Lionel Bulmer, Max G.A. Brooker, A.E. Hart

Figure Composition – Frank J. Archer, John Newton

History of Painting – R.A. Davey

Methods – Augustus Lunn

Modelling and Carving – Charles W. Lewis

Modelling – Andy Tittensor, R.H. Thomas, Douglas Wain-Hobson

Pottery – Miss P.E. Tacon



Head of School – John Dawson Binns

Senior Lecturer – Arthur Henderson Hall

Basic Training – Donald Adair Pavey, John Grinstead, Robert Brown, R. Adams

Design – Miss G.I. Cloke

Millinery – Miss F. Dundas

Dressmaking – Miss G. Bickers, Miss P. Procter, Mrs Taverndale

Fashion Accessories – Reginald E. Hanson

Interior Decoration – C. Read

Furniture – Ian C. Audsley

Display – Clarence A. Mirfield

Textiles – Les Duxbury

Mosaic & Stained Glass – J. Baker

Industrial Glass – R.C. Goodall

Drawing & Painting – Max Brooker

Design – Arthur Henderson Hall

Illustration – P.V. Moon

Lettering – Edward Sutton, P. Holmes

Lithography – N. Manners

Typography – Charles Hasler

Photography – C.R. Markey, H. Brough-Robertson

Silkscreen – Les Duxbury

Bookbinding – John Grinstead

Wood Engraving – Derrick Harris

Fashion Drawing – Miss S. Walton

Junior Crafts – D. Gray

1954-1955 KSA Prospectus