RSA Menswear project

RSA Menswear project

Back to the fascinating portfolio of Tim Guilbride, and these menswear spreads were part of a project for the Royal Society of Arts Industrial Design Bursaries Competition. The designs were envisaged as workwear for a professional photographer in three varying settings – a hot climate location, a cold climate location, and the studio.

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TimGuilbride20150520077 TimGuilbride20150520078 TimGuilbride20150520079 TimGuilbride20150520080 TimGuilbride20150520081 TimGuilbride20150520082 TimGuilbride20150520083 TimGuilbride20150520084 TimGuilbride20150520085

As the label shown here indicates, Tim was 20 years old when he submitted these designs to the competition. Competitions such as these were a major component of life at Kingston, and many of the students would enter (and often win) such competitions every year.