A selection of Kingston School of Art prospectuses from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

KMCAT008_KSA Prospectus 47-8 KUSC

KMCAT009_KSA Prospectus 48-9 KUSC

KMCAT010_KSA Prospectus 49-50

KMCAT011-Prospectus Map 1950

KMCAT006_KSA Prospectus 51-2 KUSC

KMCAT003_KSA Prospectus 56-7 KUSC

KMCAT004_KSA Prospectus 57-8 Back over KUSC

KMCAT005_KSA Prospectus 58-9 KUSC

KMCAT007_KSA Prospectus 62-3 KUSC