Photography Dark Room

Photography Dark Room

The below image was supplied by Carol Freeman, and was taken in the doorway of the dark room, Kingston School of Art Photography department, c.1956.

Carol’s memories of the social life around Kingston in the mid-1950s includes participating in the Chelsea Arts Ball:

A few of us took part in the penultimate Chelsea Arts Ball at The Royal Albert Hall as a ‘float’. Representing KSA we dressed in skin tight black and white stripes, wearing huge elaborate hats and we each held panels of black and white stripes in a ring (like a hat box hiding us). We managed to get onto the floor in front of the baying crowds who stormed the floor. Amongst them was John Pertwee and other celebs…It was momentous and total chaos and enormous fun. 

The fashion trends amongst art school students studying at Knights Park are another memory recalled by Carol:

At a time when most teens imitated their elders in the clothes they wore we enjoyed wearing anything to shock. I forced my feet into genuine Victorian lace up boots to the horror of my mothers friends – brilliant, and painted my lips almost white and my eyelids purple.


From the top: Roger Webb, Charlie Baker, Bob Broadley, Angela Shaw, Terry Anthony, and front – currently unidentified student.