Application for the DipAD 1961

Application for the DipAD 1961

In 1961, Kingston School of Art made applications to be accredited for the new DipAD qualifications, due to replace the old National Diplomas in Design (NDD). The school applied for Fine Art, Graphic Design, 3D Design and Fashion.

The application gives a range of statistics about the art school at this time – for instance, the numbers of students completing the NDD in the four areas applied for are listed for the previous three years: a total of 36 students completing the qualifications in 1959, 44 in 1960 and 59 in 1961. Ministry inspectors were sent to assess the art school in the wake of the applications. Miss C.M. Smale visited Kingston in early 1962, and her report was  glowing: “This school has an outstanding record of success in all departments over many years. Nationally it is one of the leading Art Schools. I recommend that 4 areas of study are considered for the Diploma.” Charles L. Pickering, writing in March 1962 agreed: “This is one of the few colleges where we can have no reservation at all concerning the four areas of study.” Yet, when the DipAD accreditation was announced later on in 1962, Kingston was approved in just two of the four areas initially – for 3D Design and Textiles/Fashion. It would eventually on re-application gain accreditation in all four areas, but this represented a time of doubt an anxiety, not just at Kingston, but throughout the art education sector as a whole.

The application also listed the staff working at the school, including figures such as:

D. Gilbert (History)

R.H. Lamb (Typography)

L. Jones (Drawing)

L. Horton (Graphic Design)

A. Thornhill (Pottery)

P.B. Holmes (History)

Miss M. Richardson (Lithography)

P. Goodall (Industrial Glass)

J. Baker (Stained Glass)

H. Duckworth (Furniture)

G. Freeman (Interior Design)

Miss Ann Reason (Drawing)

M. Grierson (Furniture)

C. Mirfield (Display)

J.D. Robinson (Dress Design)

D. Brooker (Dress Design)

Mrs R. Robinson (Dress Design)

Mrs M.W. Hindley (Production)

Mrs Kingsley (Jewellery)

Miss S. Walton (Fashion)

Graham Smith (Millinery)

R. Brown (History/Drawing)

Mrs R.A. Smith (Design – Craft)

Miss S. Ayton (Design – Craft)