Illustration/Animation - from the archives of Brian Love

Illustration/Animation – from the archives of Brian Love

Images here are by students from the renowned BA in Illustration and Animation at Kingston University. The various artworks, flyers and posters represented below were lent to the the project by former tutor Brian Love. They include invites to degree shows at the Coningsby Gallery, and pieces from the 1980s to the 2000s from students from all over the world. Please do leave a comment below if you have more information to add to any of these images.

BrianLove001 BrianLove002 BrianLove004 BrianLove005 BrianLove006 BrianLove007 BrianLove008 BrianLove009 BrianLove010 BrianLove011 BrianLove012 BrianLove013_Katie Boyce BrianLove014 BrianLove015 BrianLove015a BrianLove016 BrianLove017_Linda Bondestam card BrianLove018_Sayed Hasan Man on Back BrianLove019 BrianLove020 BrianLove020a BrianLove021 BrianLove022 BrianLove023 BrianLove024 BrianLove024a BrianLove025_Roderick Mills BrianLove026 BrianLove027 BrianLove028 BrianLove029 BrianLove029a_Dettmer-Otto BrianLove030_Kanako Usai_2004 IA Kingston BrianLove031 BrianLove032 BrianLove033 BrianLove034 BrianLove035 BrianLove036 BrianLove036a BrianLove037 BrianLove038 BrianLove038a