Architectural Tools 1962

Architectural Tools 1962

Things you needed to commence architectural training in 1962

Kingston College of Art Architecture graduate Stephen Finch has provided a photograph and list of the ‘tools of the trade’ required to be an Architecture student when he began his studies at Knights Park in 1962. All items original:

  • Double elephant composition drawing board. (Stand supplied by KSA)
  • Ebony/ Mahoghany T Square.
  • Stabiloid adjustable set square.
  • Staedtler Mars 780 clutch pencil.
  • Swiss pencil pointer.
  • Harling London set of geometrical instruments.
  • Set of Graphos pens and nibs.
  • Hall Harding imperial scale. (Metric change over not until 1968).
  • Aristo-Scholar VS slide rule.
  • Set of french curves.
  • A History of Architecture by Sir Bannister Fletcher. Seventeenth edition.1961.
  • Mitchell’s Elementary Building Construction. Twenty-third Edition. 1961.
  • Mitchell’s Advanced Building Construction – The Structure.
  • Mitchell’s Advanced Building Construction – Components, Services and Finishes.
  • Introduction to Structural Mechanics by Trefor J Renolds and Lewis E Kent. Fourth Edition. 1961.
  • Applied Lettering by Maurice Ward.

Also but not included in photo:

  • Oatmeal Draughtsman Overall/ Coat with waist tie – not included in photo.
  • Lockable metal equipment storage box – not included in photo.
Photo: Stephen Finch 2015

Photo: Stephen Finch 2015